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Jan Koběrský senior software developer

What, how and where…
Bye Avast, Hello Wultra
august 2018, Prague
After 4 years, I decided to leave Avast and join my friends in FinTech startup Wultra as main iOS dev. It was great 4 years, I learned more than I could anywhere else, tried technologies I wouldn't be able to touch easily. Was able to write code that runs on hundreds of milions machines and was part of company that has big impact on global security and it's proud of its czech heritage. Thanks for the ride!
I'm a Praguer
july 2018, Prague
I'm now officialy living in Prague - decided to get my residency here after 4 years.
june 2018, Prague
I was helping on-site with organization of mDevCamp - biggest mobile dev conference in central europe. It was really great, congratz to Srakyi (main org) and his team! #orga#conference
try! Swift Tokio
february 2018, Japan
I visited try! Swift Conference in Tokio, Japan. Great experience, seen a lot of enthusiastic young japanese developers working on crazy japanese projects :). Big topic was swift on backend (promoted by IBM). #japan#conference
Avast Cleanup 
june 2017, Prague
After almost 2 years in Avast Passwords team as a macOS developer, im leaving the team 😢 and switching to be main dev on Avast Cleanup for Mac. You can already download it here: Download #utility#avast#cleanAllTheThings
december 2016, Prague
I hosted a class on IT faculty of Pragues Charles University in english about Windows 10 and iOS development with my colleague. #school#english
Fun stuff
Q4 2016, Czechia 🇨🇿
I attended several events for kids during the Q4 of 2016. Biggest one was "autumn camp", I was also cosplaying warewolf during "curage walk" and also doing krampus during the christmas. What a fun end of year :) #kids#christmas#bark
Avast Passwords
september 2016, World 🌎
After 10 months of development - Avast Password (for mac) is finally in the wild! I'm going to continue working on this product in iOS/macOS team in upcomming months, cool features incomming. Download it now! #security#avast#mybaby
360iDev 2016 - Trip to USA
august 2016, Denver
I attended conference in Denver, #usa, about development for iOS and macOS. Great experience and conference. #travel#avast#swift
Win Mobile talk for students
march 2016, Prague
I did another 4 hour talk for students in Brno about development on Windows 10 Mobile platform. This time on Windows machine so everything worked as it should :-) #students#muni#teaching
Avast offices
december 2015, Prague
Avast changed offices - to Pankrac in Prague. It's like a dream, best workplace you can imagine. You can find more in this article. #avast#office#awesome
Win Mobile talk for students
october 2015, Prague
I did 3-hour talk about developing for Windows 10 Mobile as part of mobile course for students at Charles University in Prague. Had some ackward moments because I presented on Mac :-) #students#cuni#teaching
Scaring kids
october 2015, Ostrava
We (TORALI group) participated in night event for kids in Ostrava. we had great time being dressed up as different fairy tales characters. #kids#fun#imTheDevil
WebExpo 2015
september 2015, Prague
I attended WebExpo 2015 in Prague Lucerna (thanks avast!). People were meeting, speeking and having fun. I was learning, listetning and tweeting. Really great conference about all sorts of things from Arduino and branding to UX and Web workers. #feelingSmart#suchLearning
Raspberry Pi
september 2015, Prague
My#IoT game went up! I bought Rasperry Pi. Not sure what exactly gonna do with it, probably some smart home device (temperature measuring, shopping list, heat control etc.). For now I can tell people I have it and look cool. #smartHome
iOS dev
august 2015, Prague
I decided to switch to iOS team after year and half working as Windows Phone developer. Learning swift and iOS api is gonna be fun! Looking forward to work on some cool projects in avast mobile. #byeWinPhone#helloIphone
Summer camp
july 2015, Jeseníky Mountains
Another year, another summer camp for kids around Ostrava city that we organize. Weather was awesome, maybe too hot. Kids we're mostly good, we were all having fun. Downside - when I get back to work, I was more exhausted than before leaving. #holidayIsHardMan#betterThanOwnKids
Build 2015
june 2015, Prague
Build tour showed up in Prague. Microsoft was promoting Azure, .NET and Windows 10 to developers, developers, developers. Got me excited for Windows development - specially Windows Universal Platform. I like this new Microsoft. #IoT#noHoloLens
Avast hackathon
april 2015, Krkonoše Mountains
Hackathons are fun. We drank some beer, we did some coding, then more beer, then less coding. I teamed up with my colleague Martin - created simple 3D game in Unity Engine and won 1st prize! #soGood#gameDeveloper
Air Bank app
march 2015, Czech Republic
Finally released mobile bank application I was working on as main dev past 6 months. Tears were shed, lost some more hair, but we did it! #weDidIt#smartBanking
WinPhone talk for students
march 2015, Brno
I had talk (2 x 4hours) about Windows Phone development at Masaryk University in Brno for computer science students as part of their mobile development class. #thatWasFun#teacher
Saint Nicolas
december 2014, Ostrava
This czech tradition is fun - me and some friends dressed up as Saint Nicolas, angel and devils and went to kindergartens to scare misbehaved kids. I was really good at it! #johnnyBeGood
Back to Prague
october 2014, Bratislava
Wooot, our Tatra Banka app (mobile banking) is finished and in Store. Looking forward to be in Prague after 5 months working onsite in Bratislava. #enoughIsEnough#byeSlovakia
train stations app
september 2014, Bratislava
I was bored one weekend in Bratislava so I created mobile app for Windows Phone that allows you to watch train arrivals and departures in czech railway stations. It's one of the most used app in czech Store. #bored#doingMyPart
I work in Avast Software now
july 2014, Prague
Inmite (after 3 months i worked there, lol) was acquired by Avast Software - that was #unexpected#bestEmployerInCZE
From Ostrava to Praha
april 2014, Ostrava
My interview in small mobile development studio Inmite was#success. I was hired as Windows Phone developer and gonna be moving to Prague in next weeks. #capitalCity#mobileDeveloper
Nette projects
2013, Ostrava
I started playing with Nette and started to think about going freelance. Made some websites, facebook apps and such. It was fun, but it wasn't meant for me. #sayNoToPHP
Part time developer
september 2012, Ostrava
Started working as .NET and web frontend developer at Garvis - startup providing interactive web solution Nestigo. My first work experience as developer. Did some cool projects while studying, learned javascript and other things. #memories#webDeveloper